Concrete Floors of Sarasota is devoted to providing the best results in the industry. We specialize in

concrete polishing, interior concrete overlays (an overlay is a thin layer of concrete applied over an existing slab) and acid/eco-stained floors. This allows for beautiful,consistent results time and time again.

Concrete floors,although new to many people, are quickly proving their beauty, efficiency and durabilty. The floors in the pictures here take regular traffic and everyday abuse yet still emanate rich color without chipping or fading. Of course no floor will last without being protected and maintained thats why we have recommended maintenance so your floor looks good as long as you’re around.

Ask anyone one who has one and they’ll tell you why it was an easy choice of flooring for them and how it’s added value and aesthetic appeal to their home.

We are taking the lead in our industry in problem solving to meet your challenges as needed. Whether it was stripping old sealer off a salon floor and recoloring and sealing or dealing with an 80 year old demolished floor on Main Street in Sarasota we have and will continue to produce good results on challenging projects.

Ask us about concrete polishing! The most durable and and easy way to bring

incredible life to your existing concrete.We also offer a polishable concrete resurfacing system if your old slab isn’t usable.